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Showfield Info & Rules

Not finding the answer here? Check our Frequently Asked Questions page for more answers about our shows!
Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Showfield?

  • The Showfield (a.k.a. Fun Field) is the designated area at the events where vehicles are showcased and may win awards. Participating is the best opportunity to connect with fellow enthusiasts. We’re glad to have you joining us!
  • The information, rules and regulations on this document apply to every event on our schedule.

Can I "show" my vehicle?

  • To be showcased, you must pay to register your vehicle for the show you plan to attend online here, by calling 717-243-7855, or by registering in person when arriving at the event.
  • Register before our Gate-N-Go Deadlines to save 10% on most Showfield & Fun Field registrations.
  • Your vehicle must be in the same brand family as the event name to be showcased.
  • If you are not sure which events best fit your vehicle, just ask us.

Should my car go into a Stock or Modified Class?


What do I get for registering my vehicle?

  • The ability to park your vehicle on the Showfield/Fun Field.
  • Admission for the driver and one passenger each day of the event (children 12 and under are admitted free).
  • A goody bag
  • Your vehicle will be eligible to win awards.

I'm registered! What do I do when I get to the show?

  • We will mail your vehicle sticker to you.
  • Canadian Showfield Participants: If you've pre-registered, your vehicle sticker will be available for pick up at Showfield Registration in the parking lot outside of Gate 3 beginning on set-up day.
  • If you want to bring a different show vehicle, update your registration online: Update Showfield Registration
  • Apply the vehicle sticker to the vehicle you registered for the Showfield before arrival, and then you may drive directly in Gate 3 to the Showfield.
  • Replacement of stickers is at full registration price, and available at the Registration Building.
  • Stickers will not be mailed. Pick up your sticker at the Registration Building (outside of Gate 3), place it on your vehicle, then drive through Gate 3 to park on the Showfield.
  • If you brought a different show vehicle (not a daily driver, and relevant to the event) tell us and we’ll correct your registration and exchange your sticker.
  • Go to the Registration Building (outside of Gate 3) to register for the Showfield/Fun Field.

I've parked my car on the Showfield! Now what?

  • Don't move it. Your show vehicle is to remain parked from the time you arrive through the time you leave - daily.
  • Pick up your Goody Bag, Dash Card and any other items we may have for you (i.e. Participant Voting Ballot, etc.) at the Guest Services Building.
  • After that, enjoy the event!

Can I sell things on the Showfield/Fun Field?

  • For Sale signs are not permitted on Showfield vehicles.
  • If you would like to sell your vehicle, please buy a Car Corral space from the Vendor Services office. Your vehicle must then be moved to your Car Corral space. The Car Corral is a dedicated area of the event where only vehicles are for sale (no parts, etc.).
  • You may not sell anything on the Showfield. No parts, no food, no beverages.
  • If you have automotive parts you’d like to sell, you may purchase a space in the flea market where you can display them and conduct business.
  • Clubs may sell club merchandise from their club tents.

Can I setup a canopy or tent?

  • Space permitting, you may set up a canopy behind your vehicle (10 ft. x 10 ft. maximum size).
  • Personal canopies/tents must be securely tethered and owners are liable for any damages.
  • Remove all canopies in windy and storm conditions.
  • All personal canopies/tents must be removed daily (this includes the frame and the fabric).

Can I camp on the Showfield?

I towed my show car... where do I park my trailer?

Can I park with my car club?

  • Clubs may have designated parking areas on the Showfield at the Import, Truck and Corvette events. Club tents at other events are placed as advantageously as possible. Tents and areas are marked on maps and signs.
  • Awards are given to clubs with the most registered vehicles and to the clubs with the coolest hangouts (club tent). If your club registers 25 or more vehicles, you may be eligible to register for a free club tent.

Showfield Info & Rules (PDF)

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